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What is Elmas?

For food savvy gastronomic social explorers, Elmas is the Mediterranean bar restaurant that transcends the expected, also serving Greek, Turkish and North African delicacies!

Our speciality is variety of the best food from the Mediterranean. We call this the 'magical unity in diversity of the Mediterranean cuisine'

All our food is cooked fresh to order, yes!!! we mean fresh, with friendly experienced staff and excellent ambience!! Our food is paired with specifically selected menu of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage creations.

Enjoy the beautiful location with Elmas situated right in the middle of the picturesque Lymm, opposite to the historic 'Lymm Cross'!

Elmas encourages the mutual enjoyment of cuisine, conversations and personal connection in a beautiful historic little village!!

Be it Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Turkish or North African, we have a potpourri of the Mediterranean dishes which suits your palate

Elmas means 'Diamond', and true to its name, when you discover the Elmas you will discover the precious!